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We supply and erect all types and styles of fencing, be it wooden, concrete or metal components and posts, see the optiions below. All our timbers come from dedicated fencing suppliers and all softwood timber is pressure treated so yearly treatments after installation is not required.

Closeboard fencing

Traditional in the construction Closeboard fencing is made on site using arris rails, gravel boards and feather edge boards. As far as wooden fencing goes this is the most durable type of fencing. Available in a variety of heights.

Panel fencing

Workshop made panels come in 1.8m wide panels in a variety of styles, most commonly overlap but also closeboard (not the same as the above but similar in appearance), continental styles and trellising.

Post and rail fencing

Either treated sawn timber or rustic split chestnut fencing, post and rail fencing gives a less formal, more rural definition of a boundary.

Railings and metal fencing

There are a huge range of railings and metal gates available, with many styles and various heights to choose from. Railings often give a classic look to character properties.

Chainlink and metal palisade fencing often provide solutions for security and long boundaries and are extremely durable.