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We are proud to be an approved installer for Namgrass, one of the UKs leading artificial grass suppliers. Made in the EU the quality of the Namgrass range is second to none and with a 10 year guarantee you can have confidence in this artificial grass. Namgrass has been used at a number of prestigious sites, including the London Olympics park.

Artificial grass is getting ever more popular and, although its not for the horticultural purists, it does offer a wonderfuly low maintenance solution to lawned areas. Please contact us or follow the link to the Namgrass site to look at what is available.

Installation costs are three to five times that of natural turf, depending on the turf, selected but thereafter with a working life of 20 years (guaranteed for 10) you can give the mower away and enjoy many years of a truly low maintenance lawn if you get this in your garden.

For more more visit www.namgrass.co.uk/